Your Own Mobile Monitoring Station

DoubleiPadSo I went to MacWorld, and although it’s not what it used to be you can still be surprised. Have you heard of Double from DoubleRobotics?

It’s a mobile iPad platform, where you can move your iPad in three dimensions; up/down, left/right and forward/backward. It’s pretty cool, you control it from another iPad or iPhone. Like Face Time your face shows on the mobile iPad and you see what it sees. It’s like a robotic Segway.


Now I had thought of something like this for monitoring the transmitter, rolling past the meters to
take readings, roving around the back of the transmitter to see how the water system is doing and so on. Much easier and faster than going all then way up to the TX in the middle of the night. I really think there will be a lot of uses for such a device. I guess you could do an interview with it. And it’s only $2000, right now, regular price will be $2500.