Upgrades for MSDC

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The new parts for the Paragon MSDC transmitter

Two of the stations at the tower use MSDC IOTs (Multi Stage Depressed Collector), these are much more efficient amplifier than normal single stage IOTs or even solid state high powered transmitters. Due to several ownership changes one of them had not gotten all the maintenance it needed, nor all the updates. Well now its got a new owner and they mean to take care of it.

It’s a Thomson Paragon UHF transmitter with two MSDC IOTs, they use oil to cool the IOT because of it’s high breakdown voltage. To cool the oil a very small heat exchanger is used with normal glycol coolant inside the transmitter. Over the years they have learned a lot about oil and fittings and hoses. This upgrade involved changing some copper pipes to larger, flexible hose to carry the oil with less pressure and to change out the oil filter too.



They sent Devin out to do the job, he’s the one who installed my Thomson transmitters back in

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This is the heat exchanger where glycol cools the oil

2004. He’s a good man and knows what he’s doing so the job got done pretty quickly.