Troubleshooting the Satellite Feed

Satellite DishOur Classic Arts channel is very popular and we quickly hear about it when it goes down. Thats just what happened the other day so I went up to investigate. The receiver was showing no signal and of course no lock. Now this signal comes from a dish on the roof that is held in place with cinder blocks, so thats the first thing I checked.

Sat Dish Pad

Doesn’t look like its moved

It’s easy for someone to bump into the dish and move it slightly and we then loose the signal so the first thing I did was check the pads to see if they looked like they’d moved. They all looked fine and just where they had been.




Next I grabbed the dish and tried to move it, if a bolt had come loose then I would be able to steer it a little either up & down or side to side, but it was pretty solid.


Giving the dish a shake





Is the connection tight?









The LMB could have gone out but thats rare and I would need a spare one to test for that. The last thing I could check for while up on the roof was the coax cable, we had moved the dish months before and had to extend the cable. When I found the barrel and tried twisting it, they turned! Not a good sign. I opened it up to look for signs of dirt and then used wrenches to tighten everything together.


Give it a good twist






Thats what I’m talking about!

When I went down stairs I was looking at Classic Arts, the signal was back and at a good level.