Time to Register Your Microwave Receive Sites

Check your license

Check your license

The SBE has issued this timely notice to all Broadcasters -

February 1, 2013 - On Wednesday, January 30, a notice was published in the Federal Register stating that Part 74.605 of the FCC Rules will become effective on April 1, 2013. This rule requires that licensees of TV pickup stations in the 6875-7125 MHz and 12700-13200 MHz bands register their stationary receive sites. This rule is an outcome of the FCC allowing Part 101 users to share these BAS bands with broadcasters. SBE has been following this closely and recently learned that the FCC has worked out an arrangement under which broadcasters who modify their licenses for the sole purpose of registering 7 or 13 GHz receive sites will be eligible for fee waivers until April 1. A Public Notice will be released that will provide detailed filing instructions and additional information on the fee waiver.

SBE notes that there will not be much time between the issuing of the Public Notice and the deadline of April 1 for broadcasters to file an application to register their stationary receive sites in ULS without having to pay the typical filing fee.

With its longstanding efforts of Frequency Coordination, the SBE encourages broadcasters to register any fixed TV pick up receive sites to ensure protection from interference by others seeking to operate in BAS bands. By failing to register a fixed receive site a broadcaster could potentially forfeit any rights pertaining to interference protection from new entrants coming into the band, and now, failing to register receive sites is a violation of FCC rules, with attendant sanctions possible.
We will keep you apprised when the Public Notice is released.