The Big Pull

IMG_0237On this wiring project we need to run some wire down to a small building, we have a 2″ pipe to do it but as you may know, once a few wires have gone into a pipe it can be hard to impossible to get anymore in, they all twist around each other and get caught. So it was decided to run all the wires we would ever need down this pipe. With all the things we could think of and adding many spares we got 28 CAT6 cables on the pull list, a few were existing and had to be pulled out to run with the new ones. Twenty seven in a 2′ pipe is a lot.

It was a rainy day, but not too wet thank goodness. We got the boxes lined up but they were too close to the wall and we had to pull them back.When that was done the pull started. When they reached the end we had to pull an extra 30 feet to pass through the wall to the box these wire were headed to, then an extra 300 feet was pulled for 7 wires that were taking an even longer journey. Those last wires were for telephone and DC signaling.

It all went well but we still need to rout those last seven wires to their destination. Thats for tomorrow.




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