QPT to the rescue!

David at work

David Kattan comes around about once a year to service our ATS (Auto Transfer Switches) for all the stations at the tower. Your ATS is probably something you don’t think much about, until it fails!

David told me about the customer that wanted his ATS serviced and when David told him to shut down the power the customer said “fine, I’ll just switch over to my backup”, David pointed out that that’s what he was going to work on. The thing that allowed him to switch to the backup power source is the ATS. David also told me he has worked on ‘Hot”‘ ATS, doing all he can but not servicing the working parts.

Remember that your ATS not only switches to an alternate power source but many times starts your generator too. Your complete AC power system should be checked at least once a year to prevent costly failures.

When was the last time you had your ATS serviced?
And don’t forget the studio.

QPT (Quality Power Testing)