Network Extender

Network Switch panelSo one of the projects I am working on requires us to run network lines well over the 300 foot limit. So to do this we will be extending the reach by running the network lines to a switch, now the switch must be in a damp but secure place so I am putting it in a weatherproof housing. Now to add a measure of reliability each network line gets its own switch, if one goes out the others keep working. To do this we will be using 5 port GigE switches, the box will handle twelve but we are starting off with just 4.

To keep it neat the switches are mounted on a 2RU blank rack panel. Screws sticking out of it will fit to mounting holes in the bottom of the switches, four to a panel with three panels. And in the space between the switches we fastened Velcro strips to wrap around the cables. The switches can be labeled on the edge of the rack panel where it folds over.

The power supply connector had to be changed out to a right angle to let the switches sit back far enough, a bag of connectors from Jameco fixed that. The power strip is a problem, it has to handle up to twelve wall warts within 24 inches, it was suggested to use a single large power supply for all of them but I prefer the redundancy of multiple supplies.

There is a KRONE block mounted on the panel too for some other wires, and we will be doing some F/O splicing in the same box as well. It will be full!