AutoCAD and Me

First encounter

First encounter

I have been fascinated with AutoCAD since a friend of mine showed me a drawing of the space shuttle and zoomed from showing the whole thing, through the windshield to the control panel to a computer screen to the text on the screen and found my name written, not on the screen but inside an “O” written on the screen. Pretty cool, I was impressed.

AutoCAD was and is top of the line and it cost a bundle, out of my range, and it was Widows only, I’m a Mac guy. AutoCAD did run on Macs back in the beginning but they dropped the Mac back in 1994. AutoDesk has brought it back Dock AutoCADin 2010. Theres the full AutoCAD for Mac, but as many have pointed out it still lacks several features of the Windows version, and they have the LT or lite version for much less money.

They even have AutoCAD WS which lets you view and comment on AutoCAD drawings and it runs on the Mac, iPad and iPhone, best of all it’s free.

Opening Screen AutoCADWell the now have AutoCAD up at work and we hired a guy to make complete floor space shuttleplans for the building and roof. I figured now was the time to learn AutoCAD. But the best way is to own it, AutoCAD LT 2013 for the Mac is available in the Apple App store for $899.99. As I understand it this is the full program but without 3D. But the Apple store version has limitations.It’s not serialized, so there’s no serial number which limits upgrade options, you can’t subscribe to their upgrade/support program and I believe you can’t run two copies of it, one at home and one on  your MacBook.

If you buy it from AutoDesk you pay more but you get all of the above, and thats what I did. Last week AutoDesk had a sale offering $200 off their store price dropping it to $1000 (sorry I didn’t tell you sooner). With their subscription service for 1 year I was back to the original price.

So now I have it and installed it on my Mac Pro and my MacBook, now I just have to learn how to use it.