It’s Comark Once Again!

The company that used to be called “Thomson”, Thales and maybe a few others is back to it’s original name Comark Communication. The first transmitters I had from them have Comark on the front. But no matter what name they have been under I have always had a very good relationship with them and working in a place with 11 different television stations and 11 different transmitters I still prefer Comark, but thats just me.

From their press release -

Richard Fiore Sr., started the company in 1972, and on the anniversary the dream of bringing COMARK back to its original form by Richard Fiore Jr., has come true. “It’s a great honor and pleasure to announce that COMARK Communications LLC is now owned by the management team of the USA office. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous period for the company”, said Richard Fiore Jr., CEO and President

Glad to have you back.