Hilti Has The Right Idea

Hilti PD 40

My dead Range Finder

I have a Hilti laser range finder, its their model PD 40. I don’t use it often but it’s great to have around when measuring rooms and such. I was going to use it so I could make a floor plan for a transmitter room and found it would not turn on, a change of batteries did not help. Before this I had bought a Ultrasonic range finder with built in laser pointer, not the same thing at all.

I paid a few hundred dollars for this thing a few years ago so I looked up Hilti on the web. I found they have a great idea when it comes to repairs, Hilti will not charge more than 30% of the cost of a new device. So the cost of a new PD 40 is about $300 so they will not charge any more than $100 to fix this one.

I think thats a great policy for any manufacture to have with regard to repairing their own tools. It lets you know they value their own work and trust in the quality of what they make.