Comark Low Cost Exciters

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Comark (formerly Thomson) has two new exciters on the market and the (excuse me please) exciting thing is the price. You can now get a brand new ATSC 5000 exciter for under $13,000. That’s quite a deal when you consider that just a few years ago any DTV exciter would cost was in the neighborhood of $30,000.

Now that Comark is once again on their own they are offering two versions of their ATSC exciter, there’s the ATSC 8000 that will do Mobile and offers dual memories for two power settings, such as full power on the main antenna and 1/2 power on the Aux, these can be selected with a contact closure.

The ATSC 5000  is their lower cost exciter that comes with fewer features.

I have the ATSC 8000 in my rig, it’s an earlier version without all the bells and whistles of the current version. But it will do Mobile and has two Transport Stream inputs. I have had no trouble with it since it went in and I, for one am very happy with it.

Trade In’s

Comark is also offering to buy back your old exciter, even if its not theirs. What a deal. Take a look at their flyer by clicking on the image to the left. Many TV stations still have their original DTV exciter and it’s probably time to upgrade.