Backup Exciter is In!

Exciter Test Setup

Exciter Test Setup, spare is on the bottom

I finally got our spare exciter in and running. After changing it’s frequency over the ours it was just a matter of verifing that it was on the right frequency and that it was working properly. So using my neighbor’s ETL and connecting to the Pad/Terminator on the exciter switch to get a sample point I was set to go. Or so I thought, there was no output, then I remembered it’s in

Exciter Switch and Pad

Exciter Switch and Pad

standby, I had to use the GUI to turn it on. Then I had an output and it looks really good.

I still have to put the transmitter in the dummy load and switch over to exciter #2 and have it go through it’s adaptive corrections, I’ll get to that as soon as I can. But for now it all looks very good.

So now if I loose the TS to our new exciter it will fail over to the spare, cool.



The Exciter's Output

The Exciter’s Output

DTV Spect's

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