Are your Microwaves Licensed?

How are your licenses?

It seems the FCC is coming down hard on unlicensed microwave radios, how are your licenses?  How about your STL and TSL, Remote Pickups and such, are those licenses up to date? Is all the data current, have you moved any of them in the past year, five years, 10 years? The FCC wants your dishes to be in the same place as your license says they are. It’s a simple matter to check the position of your dishes with your smart phone and compare that to the copy of your license, its’ also a good idea to match every dish to a license to make sure you have all of them accounted for.

A station group, Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting, Inc., in Casper, Wyoming got a little visit from the FCC and found that they were using an STL frequency that was not assigned to them. Three other microwave links also had problems. They couldn’t find the licenses for some, one they had a call sign for but it proved to be for a station in another state. So in the end the broadcaster was fined $68,000 for something that would have cost a fraction of the fine if someone had bothered to check the licenses once a and while.


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